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Hands - On RA Workshops: ALGOS 2013

ALGOS 2013

Ξενοδοχείο - Συνεδριακό Κέντρο Κυπριώτης


26 - 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

(επίσημη γλώσσα συνεδρίου: αγγλικα)





Workshop I (Hall III)

Local Anaesthetics Systemic Toxicity (LAST): Crisis Management

Instructors - Commentators: E. Argyra, A. Borgeat, E. Moka, K. Theodoraki

Introduction: E. Argyra

Briefing - Prevention & Treatment Guidelines: K. Theodoraki

Case Studies - Interactive Discussion: All

Debriefing: E. Argyra, A. Borgeat, E. Moka, K. Theodoraki

Messages to take home: A. Borgeat

Workshop II (Hall III)

Hands - On Demonstration with Ultrasound TEchniques in Children

Upper & Lower Extremities

Coordinator: G. Mammi

Instructors: A. Anagnostidou, D. Zacharopoulos, G. Noutsos, E. Garini, K. Armeni, E. Karkala

Workshop IV (Hall III)

Hands - On Demonstration with Neurostimulators Techniques

Upper & Lower Extremities

Coordinator: Z. Gambopoulou

Instructors: G. Stamatiou, P. Theodosiadis, E. Antonopoulou


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