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Dear Colleagues & Dear Friends,

It is our Pleasure and Honour to Welcome you to the new Website of ESRA Hellas. Our Goal and Wish is that our Website will become an Area of Communication between Anaesthesiologists, as well as a Source of Valuable Information for our Patients, to whom we all offer continuously. 

The Efforts of the Directory Board target in Knowledge Update and Continuous Education of Colleagues, who are interested in Regional Anaesthesia Application in Everyday Clinical Practice.   

Hoping that our Attempts will meet your Expectations, we will always be waiting for your valuable Comments and Suggestions, targeting in ESRA Hellas Website Improvization !!!

On Behalf of ESRA Hellas Directory Board


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ESRA Hellas Goals



 Our Goals include:

  • promotion of ESRA Goals in Greece, in close and smooth cooperation with the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA Europe)
  • association and affiliation into one Organization of all Anaesthesiologists, as well as Physicians and other Scientists who are engaged or interested in, the Techniques of Regional Anaesthesia for Surgery, Obstetrics and Pain Control
  • encouragement of Specialization and Research in these areas
  • promotion of Information and sponsorship of Courses and Workshops to disseminate Regional Anaesthesia Knowledge and Techniques all over Greece 
  • encouragement of Teaching of Regional Anaesthetic Procedures in all Anaesthesiology Training Programs
  • editing and publishing of Articles in these areas, on related subjects
  • development of Knowledge of Safe Techniques, for the Provision of Surgical and Obstetrical Anaesthesia with Local Anaesthetic Agents and for the Production or Application of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Blocks with Local and Lytic Agents for the Management of Pain
  • meeting Current Scientific Expectations of Modern Anaesthesiologists, continuously offering Evidence - Based Information and always following Scientific Updates in the Field of Regional Anaesthesia


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European Diploma EDRA

The European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management (EDRA), which has been introduced into the educational activities of ESRA Society more than 10 years ago, is the only Degree related to Regional Anaesthesia, existing in Europe, thus attracting anaesthesiologists' interest worldwide. EDRA Exams first took place in 2005, with the goal of setting and establishing safety standards in Regional Anaesthesia in Europe, whereas EDRA was created for treating defined subjects - patients in an encompassing way, with sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology related to Regional Anaesthesia, as well as skills in nerve block performance, in a holistic context.

The Diploma is intended to widen the activity spectrum of those specialists in anaesthesia, who are already in clinical practice and are interested in acquiring additional knowledge in the entire field of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy.

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